Diversity means differences and I believe I associate myself with many different groups. I think I am spiritual and religious as well as athletic and intellectual so I tend to have friends in a variety of groups. Being a good person and someone who wants to exercise daily is what defines me. I choose to be morally responsible for my life. I am guilty of judging people which I should not do. It is wrong and doesn’t allow me to get to know that person as a human being. My beliefs have been question on many occasions but I try not to get so upset by those who do not agree with my lifestyle. I do wish to participate more in my school and in clubs on campus because I found the diversity video a little humiliating on how quick I was to judge.


I believe spirituality is what someone believes in based on their morals and values. It could be who or what they believe in. For me personally I believe in christ and a higher power which helps me meditate and i think it is great that UNT offers so many resources on campus.  The guest speakers was really cool.

DId you know video?

The facts in this video terrified me and excited me all at once. I was astonished by the information given. The fact that what we are being taught will out date us in three years made me realize that the world is ever changing and their will be opportunities everywhere. It also gave me hope in finding a career because it said the 10 most popular jobs were just recently created, so maybe my perfect job isn’t here yet. I will use my UNT resources to find suitable jobs that are growing in this time period that pay well.

Rachel’s money management

I currently have a problem with budgeting my money. Surprisingly I spend most of my money on food. This is silly because I have a meal plan that is extremely expensive and convenient but I find myself getting extremely tired of the food on campus. I try to treat myself to a meal out in order to keep from going crazy but my wallet is beginning to get angry with me. I need to take advantage of the cafeterias on campus. I do not need to eat out and could save my money by transferring  a large sum of my checking account into my savings. I also need to remind myself to stop using my debit card like it is limitless. Think of it as an emergency only card and use it responsibly. I could go without buying designer clothes and fast foods and switch to getting necessities. Therefore, DSW shoes can wait and so will my hunger for I-hop any time soon.

Money Management

I loved the guest speaker we had in class. She was super entertaining and kept her presentation personal so that I could easily relate. I felt that she made a great point that college is the only place where opportunities and resources will be endless. I need to take advantage of this now! I learned about the office for money management when my group went on the scavenger hunt and was greeted by so many welcoming faces. The receptionist was eager to answer questions so that really made me want to learn more! Thanks Laura for bringing in a speaker who works there! Also her activity was very entertaining given that I sold everything so cheap. Unaware that my classmates where holding hundred dollar bills!